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Greetings from our Branch President

Carla Hinds

It is my pleasure to greet you as the current president of the North Jersey Branch of the National Association of University Women. 


We are a service organization and it is our desire to be a beacon of hope and strength in the community.  Our focus is steeped in civic engagement, health and wellness, education, international and national affairs and scholarship. 


As our branch strives each year to renew our covenant with God and our Founders, let me extend to you an invitation to join us on this wonderful journey. We are seeking like-minded ladies who have earned a degree from an accredited 4-year institution in the United States or a comparative degree outside the US. There's plenty of room for those who seek and see the needs of our communities and share a desire to make a difference. 


Our branch has selected a theme for our work.  NAUW North Jersey:  Leading with Purpose, Passion and Promise." 

We are excited and ready to continue the great legacy of this organization.

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